gallery hallway with artwork and mementos

Tips for Lighting Your Gallery Hallway Wall

Beau Wynja

gallery hallway with artwork and mementos


Hallway Lighting Ideas

You’ve already learned how to enhance your transitional spaces, like hallways, with beautiful and unique lighting fixtures. Now that these spaces feel expansive and welcoming, it’s time to add accent lighting to illuminate various points of interest in your hallways including wall art, sculptures, furniture, and home decor accessories. Explore these hallway lighting ideas from Color Cord Company and personalize your spaces like never before!


1. Ceiling Mounted Accent Lights 

Our first tip for gallery wall art accent lighting is making the art or your family photos everyone’s focus. Consider installing recessed lighting and complementing that with a few flush mounted light light fixtures that allows you to ensure the perfect angle for lighting any piece.

A general rule for this hallway lighting idea is to make certain that your ceiling-mounted lights are adjusted so that the fixture is at a 30-degree angle. You want the beam of light to hit in the center of the artwork or photo. If it hits too high, at a 10-degree angle, you’ll get a long shadow over the artwork. If you point the light at the art too directly, at a 45-degree angle, you end up with reflective glare. There are no hard and fast rules with this, but know that with high-gloss artwork, or pieces behind glass, may require some consideration into the angle of light you set up.


2. Multi-Port Ceiling Light Fixtures & Chandeliers

People who have a constantly changing display of art or family photos in their hallways, should consider hallway lighting and design that’s just as flexible. Multi-port lights are a great choice, as you can move and reorder the location of each fixture. Here at Color Cord Company, we see multi-port, custom light fixtures as a creative, contemporary alternative to track lighting. In this way, your lighting becomes a focal point as well. Depending on the height of your hallway ceiling, adding unique chandelier lighting can further elevate the look and feel of your display.


3. Artistic Light Fixtures as Part of Your Wall Decor

Ceiling Pendant Light Fixture

In place of traditional wall washer light fixtures, consider artistic light fixtures that are like works of art all their own, while dispersing light similarly as a wall washer or recessed light might. You can wash the wall with a single light fixture to evenly and indirectly highlight your existing gallery wall artwork and add to it at the same time.


4. Choose the Right Type of Light

To ensure your hallway lighting ideas preserve your collection of cherished photos and art, make sure you choose the right type of lighting. When considering your hallway lighting and design it is essential to minimize the use of halogen lamps which have UV light and discharge a lot of heat. Placing them at a safe distance from your artwork and installing UV filters can limit the long term damage. You can also choose to use LED bulbs which do not emit either heat or UV light.



Lighting with Color Cord Company

At Color Cord Company, we strive to bring you hallway lighting ideas that enhance your space and spotlight your most treasured collections. Whether you’re just shopping to explore the different fixture styles available or you’re an avid DIYer who wants to be involved in every part of the installation process, our team is here to help with advice, tutorials, and a massive collection of fixtures and accessories. Discover our modular, customizable products when you shop our store today!


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