Tips for How to Brighten a Dark Living Room

Tips for How to Brighten a Dark Living Room

Beau Wynja

Pendant Chandelier with 6 bulbs

Overhead lighting is essential to any living space. Many homes and apartments don't emphasize these features. Your living room is the space where you relax in the evening with a glass of wine or a giant cup of tea. It’s where you host guests and spend time on the weekends. A dark living room may impact you or your guests’ mood, too. There are ways to keep it dimly lit but bright enough to create a welcoming space.

There are lots of ways to lighten a dark living room affordably and easily. You don’t have to do an entire remodel to get light in. Even rooms without any natural light can be brightened up with a few easy tips and tricks. Follow these expert tips on how to brighten a dark living room and turn your house into your dream home.


Statement Fixtures With Multiple Bulbs

Try a Statement Fixture

Statement pieces are essential to creating exciting interiors. Often when we decorate, we think of statement pieces being large paintings, elegant chairs, and even large bookcases or pieces of three-dimensional art. Lighting though can be a statement piece as well.

Adding an eye-catching chandelier or elegant pendant light can transform your space. It is easy to see how it brightens a dark living room, but it also adds to the style and overall aesthetic. Chic lighting pieces can be affordable while appearing high-end and upscale.


Two color light fixture

Add Splashes of Color

At Color Cord Company we believe in vibrant lighting that lets you show off your personality. A splash of color is easy with our one and two-tone pendant lights, lamp-shades, or our cloth covered cords. These can bring color into the room which works with the lighting. Together, they make the living room feel open and light. Other ways to add splashes of color include:

  • Pillows
  • Rugs
  • Curtains
  • Shelving

When you want to know how to brighten a dark living room without shelling out tons of cash, color pops are the answer. With curtains, hang them two inches from the ceiling, rather than close to the window. This makes the ceiling feel higher which helps to lighten the dark living room.


Cloth Covered Wire Light Fixtures

Paint the Walls

Paint can significantly impact the lighting in a space. When you receive your new fixtures from Color Cord Company, match them to vibrant paint color. One huge paint tip that makes rooms feel instantly brighter is to add a light hue to the ceiling and bring it down a few feet onto the wall.

When you’re thinking about how to brighten a dark living room, think about how the walls, floor, and lighting fixtures work together to create the room as a whole. Bringing together these elements as cohesivity and adds to the light being cast by lighting. All together, they serve to lighten the dark living room.


Ceiling mounted pendant light on livingroom

Work with Ceiling-Mounted Lights

For an already dark room, adding floor lamps can make it feel cramped and cluttered. Overhead lighting casts a wider light and illuminates more of the room. These fixtures also don’t take up floor space in the room. This makes it feel bigger and plays with the layers of the space, making it more open. Ceiling-mounted fixtures can answer the question of how to brighten a dark living room and how to eliminate clutter in one fell swoop.


Custom pendant and sconce lighting fixtures

Shedding Light on Your Personality with Custom Living Room Lighting

Don’t be afraid to get creative with the fixtures in your living room. Wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted lights are easy to add without the room feeling cramped. Create a sitting area with a pendant fixture you swag from the ceiling or a sophisticated bookshelf area with a sconce on either side.

Brightening your dark living room can be easy with a few expert tips. Paint, furniture, and new fixtures can all contribute to the brightness. Try out our Color Cord Company fixture inventory online to find the lighting that fits your space the best.

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