Sweet Cream and Sweeter Lights

Sweet Cream and Sweeter Lights

Zach Ham

We here at Color Cord Company are firm believers that ice cream and gelato are year round sports. We think the folks up at Fior Di Latte in Boulder, Colorado would agree wholeheartedly. They recently partnered up with a local designer Alan Ortiz to create a custom cluster of lights for their shop! 

fior di latte x color cord company

(We could really go for a double scoop of Stracciatella right now.)

Amazing Light Ideas for Ice Cream Shop


These stunning clusters of lights are made up of simple components, but create a big dramatic impact. Especially with two clusters on either side of the space. To create these spectacular clusters the following products were used:
Volta Bulbs with Colorful Sockets

Fior Di Latte is not afraid of color or flavor, judging by their light fixtures and gelato! If you are in the Boulder area be sure to get a scoop and check out these amazing lights. And If you were inspired by their amazing fixtures be sure to show us the result! 

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