Spa Prida

Spa Prida

Spa Prida Lighting Designed by MERAKI

Andrea Kronenburg of MERAKI Design Studio is at it again! This time creating this incredibly beautiful and soothing interior for Spa PRIDA of Barrio Dent, San José, Costa Rica. The calming environment is elevated by MERAKI's custom fixtures made from Color Cord Company components. Pearl, Blush, White and Grey Dot and White Silicone Socket Covers come together with our 3 or 5 port canopies to create one of a kind fixtures with a stunning spa-like quality. 

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Lounge Spa Prida Lighting Designed
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If you are in need of some rest and relaxation, and find yourself in San José, then be sure to head over to Spa PRIDA and enjoy the soothing interior. If you love this design work as much as we do be sure to contact our friends at MERAKI Design Studio. 

Andrea Kroneberg. Interior Designer. Costa Rica. San José. Phone number (506) 7104-4543. MERAKI Design Studio.

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