Salvage Series Ep. 4 - Cube Shade Pendant

Beau Wynja

Salvage Series Ep. 4 - Cube Shade Pendant

In Episode 4 of our Salvage Series, we refinish an outdoor metal light shade and put it to use in a clean interior atmosphere!

Step 1: Remove original wiring
Removing Wiring and Socket from the Old Shade

Remove any of the old wiring and sockets from the shade, we will be upgrading the shade with DIY Color Cord Company parts.

Step 2: Sanding, Painting and Reassembling

Sanding the Old Rectangular Fixture
Painting the Old Rectangular Fixture
Accenting the Interior of the Shade with Matte White
After sanding, we decided to go with a Matte Gray finish and we accented the interior of the shade with Matte White.

Step 3: Wiring a Pendant
Cloth Covered Wire and Red Wire Stripper
Man cutting wire with Wire Stripper
White Wire and Socket

Lighting Components You'll Need: 

1. Cloth Covered Electrical Wire

2. Basic Socket - Ivory

3. Metal Standard Cord Grip

4. Flat Top Metal Socket Cover

5. Volta LED Bulb - Milk

6. Single Port Ceiling Canopy - Matte White

Step 4: Assembly

Entering the Wire Through Rectangular Shade
Bottom of a Grey Rectangular Fixture
Inside of a Grey Rectangular Fixture

Once the socket is wired, we fed the other end of the cord through the cube shade and attached the socket using our Standard Metal Cord Grip.

Step 5: Install and Enjoy!

Plain Gray Rectangular Fixture Hanging On Ceiling
Plain Gray Rectangular Fixture
Milk Volta LED bulb, Canopy and Fixture

We wired up the canopy and finished it off with a Milk Volta LED bulb for this particular build, but depending on what you find to turn into a shade we have plenty of bulb options to choose from!  
Send us photos of your salvaged projects!

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