Salvage Series Ep. 4 - Cube Shade Pendant

Salvage Series Ep. 4 - Cube Shade Pendant

In Episode 4 of our Salvage Series, we refinish an outdoor metal light shade and put it to use in a clean interior atmosphere!

Step 1: Remove original wiring

Remove any of the old wiring and sockets from the shade, we will be upgrading the shade with DIY Color Cord Company parts.

Step 2: Sanding, Painting and Reassembling

After sanding, we decided to go with a Matte Gray finish and we accented the interior of the shade with Matte White.

Step 3: Wiring a Pendant

Lighting Components You'll Need: 

1. Cloth Covered Electrical Wire

2. Basic Socket - Ivory

3. Metal Standard Cord Grip

4. Flat Top Metal Socket Cover

5. Volta LED Bulb - Milk

6. Single Port Ceiling Canopy - Matte White

Step 4: Assembly

Once the socket is wired, we fed the other end of the cord through the cube shade and attached the socket using our Standard Metal Cord Grip.

Step 5: Install and Enjoy!

We wired up the canopy and finished it off with a Milk Volta LED bulb for this particular build, but depending on what you find to turn into a shade we have plenty of bulb options to choose from!  
Send us photos of your salvaged projects!