Salvage Series Ep. 2 - Workshop Sconce

Salvage Series Ep. 2 - Workshop Sconce

In Episode 2 of our Salvage Series, Gary sees big potential in turning a vintage space heater into a wall sconce!  Watch him spruce it up with our Classic Plug In Pendant Light Cord Set!

Step 1: Remove Original Wiring

Remove the old socket assembly from the chrome dish.  This was easy to disassemble as we just needed to loosen the shade ring from the front and pull the socket and electrical cord out of the back.

Step 2: Disassemble

Separate the heater pieces to prepare for cleaning.

Step 3: Cleaning

If it's good enough to remove rust it's good enough to drink!  To clean the chrome dish to display it's original finish, we simply used some soda pop and aluminum foil and scrubbed some shine back into it. 

Step 4: Painting

We decided to refinish the base and back of the dish with matte black paint.

Step 5: Assemble with Color Cord parts!

We used a Black and White Zig Zag Classic Plug In Pendant Cord Set and a Thomson LED Silver Mirror Bulb to bring this space heater turned sconce back to life!

Step 6: Put it to use!

We found a suitable spot for our up-cycled space heater in our workshop area, but this sconce would look great in any application!  Send us your salvage projects, we'd love to check them out!