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Color Cord Company Introduces Tapered Metal Shades

Color Cord Company is thrilled to have expanded our shade offering to offer a chic tapered metal shade in two sizes. Our metal tapered shades come in a classic white, industrial grey and modern mint in both a large and small size.

Our metal tapered shades were designed for perfect compatibility with our Standard Cord Sets. This could not make things any easier. In order to affix the shade to the cord set, you simply remove the shade ring, insert the socket into the top of the shade and screw the shade ring back on the socket from the inside of the shade. Then all you have to do is plug it in and screw in a light bulb and you're done! 

Tapered Metal Shades Small vs Large

The shades are photographed here in a hardwired application, but adding them to your space is just as easy. As long as you have our standard socket with ring on your hardwire fixture you are all set! For a more impactful and colorful look we also have matching ceiling canopies in white, gray and mint.

The large shade measures 12” in diameter and 11 ¼” in overall height, perfect for industrial spaces with high ceilings, or spaces in need of impactful lighting and a large stature. The small shade measures 7” in diameter and 8 ½” in overall height for the spaces that call for smaller light shades or want to use multiple in a cluster.

Small Tapered Metal Shades
Large Tapered Metal Shades

If you have fallen in love with these tapered shades and incorporated one in your space, send us a photograph. You may just be featured on our Instagram and inspire somebody else's space! 

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