How to Mix and Match Light Fixture Lamps, Shades & Cord Colors

How to Mix and Match Light Fixture Lamps, Shades & Cord Colors

Zach Ham
examples of mixing colors for shades and light fixtures at Color Cord Company

As if choosing between 70 different colors and patterns of fabric wire wasn’t enough, we’ve taken it to the next level! Meet the Color Cord Company Metal Dome Shade! Our take on a classic industrial shape, we’ve taken the metal shade silhouette and spiced it up with tons of unique color options. 

Now it’s your turn to mix and match lamps and shades, cords, and canopies to design your perfect light fixture! Not sure where to start? Follow along as we break down a few of your exciting new options for mix and match lighting.

  1. Pick Your Shade

    White Dome Light GIF

    So you know you want the dome-shaped metal shade from our collection, but you’re not sure which color to choose. We currently offer gray, black, white, red, orange, and turquoise for this product. Because the shade is the portion of your mix and match lighting that stands out the most, you want to be sure that it meets your expectations. Once you know what color you want for your shade, it’s also easier to choose the right mix and match colors for your lamp and shade combination.

    If you’re looking to DIY your own Metal Dome Shade fixture, your possibilities are nearly limitless. But even the most basic of assemblies requires the following items: 

    With these five items you can mix and match lamp and shade colors to your hearts delight, and end up with a completely unique and one of a kind fixture of your own creation.

    All Mixed Up

    Much like our Tapered Metal Shades, the Metal Dome Shades were designed for perfect compatibility with our Standard Cord Set and Standard Socket with a ring. This compatibility allows you to easily plug and play with a standard cord set and a light bulb, or DIY a fixture of your own creation.

  2. Pick Your Cord Color

    Grey Dome Light GIF

    You can opt to make your new light fixture all one color by matching one of our cord colors to the shade you’ve chosen, or you can go wild with possibility and brighten up your life in more ways than one. Choose contrasting colors or pick a wild zig-zag print to really pop against the color of your shade.

  3. Pick Your Canopy

    matching metal shade, cord, and lamp design

    Finally, the last piece in the equation! Your canopy can match your dome shade or your cord color, or introduce a completely new color into your mix and match lamp and shade creation! Whatever you choose to do, once you’ve added a canopy to your cart, you can start figuring out how to put it all together for installation in your home.

  4. Wiring Your Shade

    Wiring your mix and match lamp and shade is pretty simple when you follow any of our pendant light wiring guides. For a flush-mounted ceiling light, you’ll probably also need to know how to wire the fixture to the junction box. Follow these basic steps to get started:

    • Switch off the lights and the breaker
    • Strip and attach your cord to the junction box
    • Apply the socket, cover, and lamp shade to the other end
    • Screw a light bulb into the socket
    • Test your new light!

    You can find additional details for stripping wires and wiring sockets on our blog.

Other Options

Using this shade isn’t just for flush-mounted ceiling lights! We would recommend this dome shape as an add-on for desk lamps, plug-in lighting kits, and wall sconces. Swap out your old shades for new metal ones anywhere you feel that they could enhance your lighting decor with a new silhouette or pop of color.

Meet Your Match

At Color Cord Company, we hope this overview has given you the tools you need to explore mix and match lamps and shades from our collection. It doesn’t matter whether you love this dome metal shade or you want to explore glass shades and plug-in pendants; we have the modular lighting accessories you need to bring your vision to life.

Whether you fall into the category of those who love to mix or those who love to match, we want to know where your creativity takes you! Please feel free to share photos of your mix and match lighting with us by email or by using #colorcord and #colorcordathome.

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