Light Fixture Hanging Guide - Entry & Hallway

Light Fixture Hanging Guide - Entry & Hallway

Victor Machado

Lighting entryways and hallways can be tricky, it can be hard to find the right fixtures for small spaces. Choosing the right type of light fixture and hanging it in the right location makes a huge difference in the way the area looks and feels. In this blog post, we will explore the best places to hang pendants and sconces.

Like any interior design tips, these are just suggestions and common installation practices, always use your intuition and best judgement when designing your space. 






Pendants are a versatile lighting option that can work well in hallways and entryways, especially if you have higher ceilings. As a general rule, the bottom of the pendant should be at least seven feet from the floor to prevent any obstruction.







Sconces are another excellent lighting option for hallways and entryways. These wall fixtures provide directional lighting that can highlight artwork, architectural details, or provide accent lighting. When installing sconces in a hallway, they should be placed at eye level or slightly above to provide optimal illumination. If the sconces are over furniture like consoles or benches, they should be placed about 24" above the top.

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