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Exclusive Cotton Blend

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We are always developing new and exciting products to share with you here at Color Cord Company! Our product development team has been working hard to get our new collection of cloth covered wire just right for you. We are proud to announce our Exclusive Cotton Blend fabrication to our collection of cloth covered wire.

Exclusive Cotton Blend Collection

Natural fiber aesthetic and soft feel



What makes our Exclusive Cotton Blend collection different from our existing collection? Glad you asked! Our Cotton Blend collection gives you a textile option that has a low-sheen, more natural look, while maintaining most of the durability. We took our time perfecting this product, testing the cord with various blends of cotton and rayon. Cotton has the qualities we were shooting for on its own, but the fabric quality dropped considerably in durability and stain resistance.


Different Colors of Cotton Blend Cloth Covered Wire
Cotton Covered Electrical wire Cotton Covered Electrical wire

 Available on White, Canvas, Latte, Bark, Ash, Black, Coal Mini Tweed, Stout Mini Tweed, Aqua Mini TweedAvocado Mini Tweed, Mod Orange Mini Tweed and Crimson.


Now you can add natural flair to your lighting design arsenal.


We experimented with blending cotton with a low-sheen rayon in different proportions. The more cotton we used in the blend, the softer the feel and more natural the look, but it also stained more easily and the fibers pulled away from the cord more easily. Conversely, the more rayon in the blend, the more it looked like our existing collection. It took many different experiments, but we believe we found the perfect balance with our proprietary blend in our final product.


Cotton Blend Cloth Covered Wire in Rust Color


Exclusive Cotton Blend Electrical Wire

Our Exclusive Cotton Blend cloth covered wire is great to achieve that more natural look. Although slightly less durable, our cotton wire is a lot more workable than a traditional 100% cotton wire. All this without sacrificing the look of cotton. As you can see in our detail shots, there is just the right amount of cotton fiber to give it a natural appearance, without sacrificing the quality you’ve come to expect from our fabric covered wire.

Cloth Covered Wire Cotton

Cloth Covered Electrical Wire Cotton

For our initial Cotton Blend launch, we have a dozen rich colors to choose from. We decided to focus mostly on natural, solid colors while having a little bit of fun with our mini tweeds in a mid-century mod color palette. Our Cotton Blend collection is available by the foot, at any length, so you can order as much or as little as you need. Try out a more natural look with our Cotton Blend Collection on your next project and see what a difference the material makes!
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