Enhancing Transitional Spaces: Entry, Hall & Foyer Light Fixture Ideas

Enhancing Transitional Spaces: Entry, Hall & Foyer Light Fixture Ideas

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Transitional spaces in your home don’t need traditional lighting. To give your home more style, consider these entryway, hall, and foyer light fixture ideas.

Think outside of the box and transform your home with only a few tweaks to your lighting. If you’re struggling to find foyer, hallway, and entryway light fixture ideas, continue reading.


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Hall Light Fixture Ideas

Without the appropriate lighting, your hallways may feel narrow and dark. But the minimal floor space and the narrow walls make lighting hallways a challenge for even the most experienced designers.

Fortunately, there are hall and foyer light fixture ideas to guide you in your search for lighting. While you probably can’t use floor lamps or plug-in lamps to illuminate your hallways, there are other options.


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Pendant Lights

One of the ways to prevent your hallway from seeming too dark and claustrophobic is to install pendant lights. Because they hang from the ceiling, pendant lights don’t take up any space. They can be hung along the center of the hallway to brighten up the area.


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Wall Sconces & Flush Mounts

If the installation of pendant lights is too labor-intensive for you, then move on to the next item on our hallway and foyer light fixture ideas list - wall sconces.

If your hallway is very narrow, sconce style lighting on the walls may impede your limited space. You’ll need to find a sconce that remains close to the wall, or consider installing them higher up. You might also opt for flush mounts.

Entryway and Foyer Light Fixtures

As the first impression your guests have of your home’s interior, the appearance of your entryway or foyer matters. There are several types of light fixtures that can make this space stand out:




For a stunning look, consider chandeliers. They are available in almost any style you can imagine, and you could opt to have yours customized. When people enter your home, the first thing they’ll notice is the unique use of entryway and foyer light fixture ideas.


table lamps with cages

Table Lamps

If you have room for some shelving in your entryway, a table lamp could add style to your entrance. To make your lighting truly unique, build your own table lamp with a shade of your choice, lamp cord, and other accessories. It’s one of the entryway light fixture ideas ideal for those with a creative mind.


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Pendant Lights

Although pendant lights might not be as extravagant as chandeliers, they can still catch the eye of your guests. Be as creative or simple as you want, just as you can be with hall light fixture ideas.

Foyer Light Fixture Ideas: Why You Should Enhance Your Space

Whether you’re looking to enhance your interior design with foyer or hallway lighting, you’re making a decision to improve your home. Lighting matters. In the entrance of your home, it’s one of the first things people notice. Great lighting makes lasting first impressions.

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