Teen Girl Applying Lip Balm in Bedroom Mirror

Cool Light Fixture Ideas to Upgrade Your Teenager's Bedroom

Beau Wynja

Teen Girl Applying Lip Balm in Bedroom Mirror

Clothes, toys, and cartoons; kids grow out of them all (well, maybe not the last one). When your little one becomes a teen with their own developing style and tastes, there’s no better way to bond than with a little help making their room into a unique space. Cool light fixtures for bedroom spaces help to make your teen’s room into a safe haven for studying and relaxing, and build a nest while building memories they’ll cherish forever.

Like all things in a teenage world, the lighting for teenage bedroom fixtures is a fine line: not so sleek and sophisticated as our adult tastes might mandate, but eschewing the cartoon primary colors that little ones gravitate towards. Above all, be cool – teenagers have the market cornered on the latest trends, but you have the wisdom to decide between classic style and fading fads. Join forces by working on upgrading your teenager’s bedroom together, and make a shared experience and awesome space at the same time.

Birth of the Cool

Finding cool light fixtures for bedroom upgrades can be easy if you have the right vision and the right source. Here are a few strategies for working with your teenager on a new project:

  • Have them make a vision board. Letting them find the images of what they want their space to resemble will give them a sense of ownership, and you a clearer vision of how their tastes are evolving.
  • Shop together. Even before you get out the tools and work clothes, shopping together lets you guide them through balancing their vision, budget, and space. An added bonus? If you find a small business with unique pieces, you can show them the difference between quality crafted pendant lights and sconces and big box boredom.
  • Have them map out a schedule. Want to make sure they see the project through? Work with them on a scheduled time to meet and work together.
Finding and installing all the lighting for teenage bedroom elements can be fun and easy, but always be sure to supervise them using wiring, tools, and other pieces that they may find unfamiliar. Glean some inspiration from artist collaborations for inventive lighting solutions and projects.

Kind of Blue

Considering transforming an auxiliary space, teenager’s bedroom, or guest room lighting can be a fun and equally daunting task. When it comes to a color scheme, using blue tones is a tried and true method for creating a calm and centering space, and color cords can upgrade the simple industrial standards that are fit, mostly, for hiding. Finding cool light fixtures for bedroom upgrades that match your color scheme is easy when you can find stylish shades to complement any design.

Finding a base color palate means an endless array of accessories and decor, customizing and adding unique pieces that make your space one-of-a-kind. Finding a focal-point fixture is the perfect way to distinguish your aesthetic for your guest room lighting design. Can’t find the perfect piece? Don’t worry, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get creative.

Custom, high-quality tubings and fittings can build a unique base of your own design, and designer sockets with safe, easy-to-use fittings can finalize your DIY masterpiece. Cool light fixtures for bedroom designs can also employ pieces like custom chandeliers: a perfect way to send your guests the message that this is, at least for the duration of their stay, a unique home away from home.


Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Like the vast, multifaceted spectrum of light, the options for cool light fixtures for bedroom DIY projects and improvements are limitless. Whether your project is a total DIY makeover, a change in lighting for teenage bedroom spaces, or a guest room renovation, finding the right pieces to spark your creativity is paramount in making your vision a reality.

Remember to employ S.M.A.R.T. design:

  • Specific – to your home space and its unique possibilities, and constrictions.
  • Modern – not necessarily in look, but in terms of technology: updating wiring and elements makes a safer and more reliable home lighting plan.
  • Actionable – whether it's a long-term or short-term project, there’s nothing worse than a pile of unused supplies. Make sure you have a plan, and find unique pieces that inspire you to get the job done.
  • Reliable – know your lighting supplies come from a reliable, ethically sourced company with excellent customer service.
  • Tenacious – be bold! It’s your space, so make it unlike any other.


Find Your Light

For the makers, the innovators, and the inventors in training, cool light fixtures for bedroom projects are a click away: Color Cord Company is comprised of artists for artists, happy to be a resource for creatives to tackle their projects big and small. Chat with us today, and get guidance for your latest light endeavors. Want to be a real fixture aficionado? Sign up for our newsletter, and in addition to being the first to know about our sales and new releases, enjoy 10% off with a newsletter sign up. We want to help you find your light, so explore all we have to offer at the Color Cord Company today!

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