4 Creative Loft Lighting Ideas

4 Creative Loft Lighting Ideas

Beau Wynja

Lighting a loft area can present some serious challenges. The space itself though is rich with lighting opportunities. From upscale fixtures to warm, contemporary palettes, there are tons of viable lighting options for a high-end loft space.

Structural changes and furniture additions can be monumental in cost. The benefit of adding custom lighting is that just by adding one or two fixtures, the entire vibe of the room changes. You can instantly elevate your loft with one of Color Cord Company’s lighting options. These include:

  • Sconce Lighting
  • Flush Mount Lighting
  • Bulb Cages
  • Pendant Lighting

Try some of these vibrant loft lighting ideas to upgrade and elevate your loft space.


Brass Light Sconce and Pendant

1. Sconce Lighting

Sconces add an elegant appeal to any room. This simple and easy to install wall lighting fixture doesn’t take up exorbitant space. It works with the flow of a loft floor plan.

Duo bend sconces are perfect for beside the bed. Match our polished copper, brass, white, or black sconces to your loft furniture. We can fit your space with solo or duo scones. It all depends on your loft lighting ideas and preferences. Customize your sconce lighting for your loft space by consulting our friendly lighting pros at Color Cord Company.


Flush mount sconce lights

2. Flush Mount Lighting

It is important to customize your lighting choice to the specifications of your space. Flush mount lights are great for low ceilings. With chic, sophisticated wall bases, your lighting just pops. Flush mount lighting is a great way to introduce extravagance into a more subtle space.

Button lights, sconces, and widget plug-ins all utilize flush mounts. Our Color Cord Company lighting team recommends these refined flush mounts to help introduce luxury without encroaching on living space. In terms of loft lighting ideas, flush mounts allow for productivity and improved functionality. They are a practical, stunning way to add color without pulling focus from the room as a whole.


Industrial and geometric bulb cages

3. Bulb Cages

A bulb cage adds a rustic look and a contemporary edge. Bulb cages are an ideal pairing with wood panel lofts or beamed ceilings. The caged design adds a touch of simplicity that can be inviting and homey without feeling dressed down. Think high-end modern farmhouse chic.

It can be challenging to work against the grain of a loft space. The architecture of the space is hard to transform aesthetically without a remodel since it often directly borders the roof. Your loft lighting ideas need to use the space, not fight against it. Bulb cages help to create a balance, blending sophistication and a sleek design with country townhome modernity.


Pendant Chandelier Luke Lamp

4. Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights can be outfitted with single bulbs or up to six on one base. The flexibility of this lighting makes it easy to fit them to your loft space, and layering them allows you to create unique focal points.

There are dozens of available hues to choose from for your base, cord, and bulb. As an industry leader in creative lighting solutions, our fixtures are easy to customize and tailor to your needs.

Trendy, Versatile Lighting For Lofts

Your loft lighting ideas should be a reflection of you. At Color Cord Company, we know the effects that lighting can have on your mood and productivity. This is why we strive for versatility and offering a myriad of options for creating stylish living spaces.

Opt for a fixture that fits your loft. Take your time to blend your vision of the space with the architecture and design available. Then use our lighting products to open and reinvigorate the energy in your loft.

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