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Plug-In Metallic Socket - Customizer Base

Plug-In Metallic Socket - Customizer Base

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Modern Brass Pendant Lamp Holder Statement Piece

Take your living space to the next level with the simple, yet sophisticated, brass pendant lamp holder. This industrial design creates a modern aesthetic that’s sure to match with any other look you have in your home. Choose from several styles and make it your own with different bulb choices. Built with a solid brass keyed socket and premium cloth covered wire, these details make for a great exposed bulb look. The key switch on the socket is a convenient option for placements where the socket is easier to access than the cord.

Installing this lamp can’t get any easier. Simply plug it in and hang it where you want it. You can hang it from the ceiling with a hook for an instant overhead light. It’s also easy to turn the lamp into a piece of art by creating designs with the cord using clips on your wall. With 15 feet of cord to work with, you can let your imagination run wild and make sure your lamp fits in with any design ideas you have.

Modern Aesthetic

The brass pendant lamp holder is thoughtfully designed to look great no matter what your decor choices are. The brass end adds a touch of class and helps it stand out among other boring lighting fixture choices. You can choose the bulb you want for your pendant lamp. Design-friendly options like Edison bulbs are always a great choice!

To spice up your space even more, consider adding a cage to the lamp! This will add interest and will allow you to place the lamp on a solid surface. It looks great on a table or nightstand. This plugin lamp has a 3 blade polarized plug and is UL Listed File No. E365544.

A brass pendant lamp holder is just the beginning. Shop our collection of other pendant lamps!

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