Our products are for you. Color Cord Company strives to make DIY lighting accessible for everybody and anybody. Much like your home, your lighting should be a reflection of you. With our video tutorials and high quality products, a light fixture of your very own design, creation or restoration is no longer out of reach.

Our products are for designers, architects and contractors. Our incomparable color and product selection allows designers the utmost freedom when it comes to lighting design. Our products have been used in the smallest of residential jobs to the largest of commercial jobs both with equally stunning outcomes.

Our products are for retailers. Color Cord Company works with a wide range of retail businesses in order to provide colorful, functional and affordable lighting. Our range of pendant light cords and accessories are the perfect addition to any retailers’ assortment.

Our products are for manufacturers and home décor brands. Our fabric wire is available in a variety of different wire specifications with UL recognition and is easily incorporated into the production of original designs. We partner up with brands to supply them with our wire and components for manufacturing directly in to their production. We also partner with brands to design and produce proprietary branded light fixtures utilizing our products, UL capabilities, and expertise.