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Bar Takito: How They Did It.

"Once in a blue moon" is a phrase used to describe moments that do not happen with very often. Color Cord Company's opportunity to create the centerpiece of the Blue Moon Brewery can only be described as "once in a blue moon". This massive 8 foot sphere wrapped in 12,000 feet of blue cloth covered wire beautifully commands the bar over which it hangs. This fixture is 100% custom from the expertly made metal frame, down to the hand spun metal socket covers. 


 In addition to the centerpiece of the bar area of the brewery, Color Cord Company was tasked with creating 18 spherical fixtures that resemble the signature Blue Moon orange garnish. These stunning handcrafted fixtures are like snowflakes, in that not one of them are the same. Each sphere features 500 feet of our cloth covered wire wrapped around a metal frame with a pattern and presence all its own.To learn more about this project head on over to our video page to see the process of creating these incredible one-of-a-kind fixtures.