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Custom Lighting 

Dreaming of something beyond what you see? Let us know. We are happy to consult and help design the custom fixture you desire. You are only limited by your imagination and the laws of physics. We work with a wide variety of specialty builders and artisans that can create any item or accessory needed to make a fixture complete. Our products can be seen in countless restaurants, cafes, bars, residential, hospitality, and commercial environments across the country and beyond including Blue Moon Brewery, Condé Nast HQ, Microsoft Building 83, and Dining By Design.

We can also produce custom runs of cord sets, fabric wire by the foot, and lighting accessories in a wide rage of colors and combinations. Please contact us directly to inquire more about custom production of Color Cord Company products or UL certification.

PLEASE NOTE: Our custom program is for surface mount fixtures only (ceiling and wall hard-wired). Our plug-in light fixtures are at fixed lengths only. At this time we cannot do custom lengths with moulded plug ends. If you have questions about this, please contact us and we can explain in detail.


Metal ShadesYou Choose We Build

Metal Shades
Custom Canopies


Custom Fixtures Custom Fixtures

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Custom Lighting PartsWe are Lighting Experts  

You Choose We Build

Not into DIY, but you want a pendant light fixture? Well, look no further because our ceiling mount fixtures are here and ready to be installed in your space. Best of all, our You Choose, We Build option allows YOU to design your very own fixture and specify each component. Now you can have the perfect setup for your space without the hassle of assembly. Each fixture is hand assembled using Color Cord Company products in the USA. Design your dream light here

PLEASE NOTE: This is for flush-mount fixtures only. At this time we do not offer custom plug-in fixtures.

You Choose We Build


Custom Canopies

Sometimes 1, 3, or 5 just won't work - and we understand that! Which is why we have the ability to create custom canopies in any shape, size, color and material. Need a 9 port fixture? We can do that. Looking for a canopy in the shape of a manatee? We can do that too. Let us know what you're interested in and we can get you what you need!   

Custom Canopies


Custom Lighting Fixtures

We have the abilities to create bespoke custom light fixtures of any design and style for any purpose and space. We partner with an incredible group of glassblowers, woodworkers, metalworkers, fabricators and artisans to make any lighting project a reality. We can help design the fixture based off of inspiration and ideas, or we can build fixtures to exact specifications. Let us know what you need today!

PLEASE NOTE: Our plug-in light fixtures are at fixed lengths only. At this time we cannot do custom lengths with moulded plug ends. If you have questions about this, please contact us and we can explain in detail.


Large Scale Architecture

Color Cord Company has had the opportunity to provide incredible large scale lighting projects for some incredible spaces. Our products can be seen in places such as Blue Moon Brewing Company, Condé Nast, Microsoft Building 83 and many other projects around the country. These custom lighting projects are the beautiful finishing touch - perfect for large office, multi-family, or private residential projects.  If you have a space that is in need of some beautiful custom lighting, we are here to help

Large Scale Architechture



Do you find yourself bidding for vintage light fixtures online? Do you often find yourself winning these auctions and ultimately receiving a hot electrical mess? Do you find yourself dumpster diving for random objects that could be made into unique and beautiful light fixtures? Have you found an old object and wanted to screw a light bulb in it?  Have you purchased a beautiful light fixture in a foreign country only to realize it won't work in your home? Have you ever purchase a light fixture only to have the cord be too short for your space? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then Color Cord Company is here to help. Our custom light team are experts in all things lighting. We have the ability to take vintage fixtures, foreign fixtures, and objects and make them into safe and proper lighting masterpieces. There is no project too big or small, weird or normal, that we can't do! 



But Wait, There's More!

Color Cord Company does all things lighting. We have the ability to manufacture custom plug-in pendant sets, custom color cloth covered wire, custom shades, custom bulbs, private label and much more.  Our custom team has the ability to make special one-off pieces, as well as produce and UL list projects and designs. There is no request too big or too small, so contact us today!




Blue Moon Brewery: How We Did It.

"Once in a blue moon" is a phrase used to describe moments that do not happen very often. Color Cord Company's opportunity to create the centerpiece of the Blue Moon Brewery can only be described as "once in a blue moon". This massive 8 foot sphere wrapped in 12,000 feet of blue cloth covered wire beautifully commands the bar over which it hangs. This fixture is 100% custom from the expertly made metal frame, down to the hand spun metal socket covers. 


In addition to the centerpiece of the bar area of the brewery, Color Cord Company was tasked with creating 18 spherical fixtures that resemble the signature Blue Moon orange garnish. These stunning handcrafted fixtures are like snowflakes, in that not one of them are the same. Each sphere features 500 feet of our cloth covered wire wrapped around a metal frame with a pattern and presence all its own.To learn more about this project head on over to our video page to see the process of creating these incredible one-of-a-kind fixtures.  


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