Collection: Twisted/Braided-Style Light Cords

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Twisted Cloth-Covered Wire

We love innovative and creative approaches to designing essential lighting parts and accessories so that it’s easy for you to create unique light fixtures.

While we offer traditional cloth-covered wire that’s smooth and sleek, we’ve also developed a textured braided cloth-covered wire that adds visual interest and exciting energy to your fixtures.This style of cord was inspired by vintage interiors and our customers love to utilize it in restoration projects. Please note that this wire design is not UL listed and is for DIY projects only.

Explore our entire selection of twisted cloth-covered wire to find the perfect braided light lamp cord and personalize your light fixtures.

Our Braided Pendant Light Cord Selection

Our twisted cloth-covered wire has an artsy, boho feel that can enhance your pendant lights and plug-in fixtures. We offer this braided light lamp cord in a variety of colors that range from neutral nudes to bright rainbow colors. Mix and match your hardware finish with the perfect braided pendant light cord color for a custom design that’s one-of-a-kind!

All of the twisted cloth-covered wire options in this collection come in an 18-gauge width for compatibility with most light fixture applications. The cloth covering on this cord is made of rayon material which covers the three conductor wires within.

Customization at Color Cord Company

Color Cord Company is all about helping you create the light fixtures of your dreams with our modular accessories. Our cloth-covered cord is sold by the foot to ensure you can hang any of your light fixtures at the appropriate height for your space. Enjoy more customization options than ever before when you choose to modify our existing light fixtures with our braided cord option or build a fixture from the ground up piece by piece.

Have questions about our braided cord? Reach out to our team today!