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  • 18g Stranded Copper Conductor Wire

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  • Cord Thumb Switch

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  • Cord Floor Switch

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  • Cord Plug End

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  • Wago Lever-Nut

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    Customize: 3-Prong Power Cord Whip

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    Customize: 2-Prong Power Cord Whip

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Lighting Accessories

Are you ready to shop for lighting accessories that are compatible with our cloth covered electrical wire, sockets and covers, tubings and fittings, and ceiling canopies? Our lamp electrical parts are modular, easy to use, and simple to customize. Check out our customizable power cord whip, available in 27 colors, as well as our Wago Lever-Nuts that let you connect wires without having to use electrical tape and outdated wire nuts.

In this collection, you can also find useful thumb and floor switches, plug-ends, and so much more! Shop now to find what you need.

Shop Quality Lighting

Color Cord Company is an industry leader and trusted source for design professionals and innovative DIYers seeking the safest easy-to-use lighting accessories to support their latest projects. With hundreds of products that take you from design to installation, we have everything you need for your project, including plug in hanging light fixtures for a simple way to swap out your entire lighting design and swag hooks for pendant lights to clean up your cord management with a few unique touches.

Shop over 100 different colors of our signature electrical wire with matching extension cords, socket covers, and other lighting accessories here.

Find Guides & Advice

At Color Cord Company, we love helping DIYers, contractors, and architects create the perfect custom lights to reinvent any space. Explore our light fixture accessories and electrical components here before moving on to read our handy DIY Wiring Guide for all the essential tools you need to get your job done.

Any questions about lamp electrical parts or light fixture accessories? Get in touch with us online or over the phone at 1.800.409.1070.

Lighting Accessories FAQ

What are the main parts of a light fixture?

Whether you’re planning on installing a chandelier, pendant light, or wall sconce, there are a few basic parts that every fixture has, including a canopy, rod or cord, socket, light bulb, and shade or cage. If you’re buying a ready-made fixture from us, we provide everything you need for your fixture, like lighting accessories and electrical components, except for the light bulb and sometimes the lamp shade.

We want you to participate in the customization of your light fixture, so we encourage you to choose your own light bulb and shade to define your aesthetic.

What is swagging a light fixture?

Swagging a light fixture is when you create a unique design to manage hanging or dragging cords from a plug-in design. Wall sconces, lamps, and pendant lights can all plug into a wall outlet, so you might need to swag a cord along the wall with cord stays or swag hooks to keep things neat and create a cool design. Check out these articles on swagging for more guidance:

What is the lamp electrical part of a fixture that holds the light bulbs?

This is known as a lamp socket or lightbulb socket, and it mechanically supports the structure of the fixture. These essential light fixture accessories provide the electrical connection to ensure a compatible lamp base that allows you to safely replace various elements of your fixture. You can find matching lightbulb sockets in our sockets and covers collection. These lighting accessories are available in a variety of materials and colors for your convenience.

How does lamp wiring work?

Our brief DIY wiring guide above should provide you with the basics of how to wire a light fixture, but you still may not understand exactly how it works. 

When it comes to wiring, the current flows through the “hot” (black positive) wire to light your bulb and returns via the “neutral” (white negative) wire. This is why most of our fixtures have at least two wires. Some of our fixtures, usually hanging fixtures, will have a third that’s called a “ground” (green) wire.

If you are new to working with electrical components like these, please consider contacting a local electrician to help you wire your new lighting.

Can I rewire an older fixture with new parts?

Depending on the type of fixture and the lighting accessories you need, it’s definitely possible to rewire an older fixture to ensure it still works — as long as all the parts are compatible. You’ll need to read the specifications of every component to ensure part diameters, threading, and sizes will work together.

You can also revamp an older style with basic light fixture accessories, like colorful electrical cords, fresh lamp shades, and swag hooks. Update old fixtures with a new look when you shop here!

If you have any other questions about our lamp electrical parts or lighting accessories, the Color Cord Company team is here to help. Use our chat tool to discuss your needs with one of our experts right away.