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AiO (All-in-One) Fixture Collection

Light Fixture Sets at Color Cord Company

At Color Cord Company, we strive to make it as easy as possible to find and install the light fixtures you need for commercial and residential spaces. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast redesigning their home or an interior decorator looking for the perfect pieces for a restaurant redo, we’ve got everything you need in our AiO collection. Explore our creative variety of all-in-one light fixture sets that allow you to update your existing light fixtures with unique shade materials, light bulbs, and cord colors!

Variety & Selection

We have two styles of AiO (all-in-one) light fixture sets available in this collection: plug-in and pendant. It doesn’t matter which type you prefer; all of them come with everything you need to install the fixture. Cords, sockets, thumb switches, and mounting hardware are all included! Some fixture options even come with shades and cages. We don’t usually include the light bulb and swag hooks, so make sure to add those to your cart separately.

Light Fixture Customization

Nearly every single product at Color Cord Company offers you a way to customize your fixtures, including these light fixture sets. Update your light fixtures with ease when you choose the perfect finish to match the rest of the decor in your space! Our finish options range from Satin Brass and Nickel to Matte Black and White. Hover over your preferred finish to see exactly how it looks on the fixture!

Ready to start shopping? Color Cord Company is always here to help! If you have any questions about our AiO fixtures, ordering in bulk, or customizing your lighting, reach out to us through our online form today!