12 Projects of Christmas - Project #3 "CroShade"

During a masculine crocheting session, we turned what started as a blanket into a lamp shade using a pencil rod frame!  
Color Cord Product You'll Need

Standard Pendant Plug In Light Cord Set 

Medium Base E26 LED Light Bulb

Step 1: Cutting Wire and Spot Welding

We measured and cut our pencil rod metal pieces for our frame and then spot welded them together to make a sturdy frame!  Next, we secured the Standard Plug In Pendant Cord Set to the frame.

Step 2: Mounting the Standard Plug In Pendant Cord Set

We decided to mount the Pine Plug In Pendant Cord Set with a flexible yet sturdy wire by wrapping it around the socket and connecting it to four points on the shade frame.  Then, snipped away the excess length of mounting wire.

Step 3: Covering Frame with Crochet Shade

We present to you: "CROSHADE"!  The cloth shade ended up fitting the frame perfectly.  We paired it with a Tesla LED Milk Bulb resulting in a cozy and eclectic new light fixture.  Send us photos of your DIY Holiday Projects and stay tuned -Project #4 is right around the corner!