Sleek & Modern: Silicone Socket Covers

introducing silicone socket covers

Silicone Light Bulb Socket Covers

We've already had a great response to our newest accessory, silicone socket covers.  This is a really simple and inexpensive (only $5) solution to create a clean and contemporary look to sockets on a DIY lighting project.  They look great in several different combinations.  If you need help deciding which color combination would be best for you, let us know, we're here to help. 

True to the Color Cord Company policy, more color options the better, we've brought in 9 colors for our maiden offering of our silicone covers.  We also have 3 colorways of silicone covered pendant sets assembled with a white molded plug and thumb switch.

For all of you DIYers, there's a few things to note when using the silicone covers.  First, the sockets on our Standard and Standard Grounded Pendant Light Cord Sets are NOT compatible with the silicone covers.  This is due to the threaded socket with the ring.  The covers cannot fit over threaded grooves on the sockets.  If you purchase a cord set, you will have to remove the sockets and replace it with a compatible socket.

The Compatible sockets are basically all the sockets we offer without the threads.  To secure the sockets to the cloth covered wire, the molded silicone covers are designed to fit over our Standard Cord Grip / Strain Reliefs.

Below are the sockets and grips that will fit perfectly into our silicone covers: 

  1. Basic Socket - Black
  2. Basic Socket - White
  3. Ceramic Socket
  4. Standard Cord Grips -Black, White, Clear

Once you have your color cord, socket and cord grip picked out, we have a few small pointers for assembly.  Our first suggestion is to put a very small piece of electrical tape over the end of the cut portion pendant cord.  This will secure the fabric sleeve to the PVC cord.  The silicone cover is a tight fit, so if you don't secure the cloth covering to the PVC cord underneath, the cloth will get pushed back when you try to slide the cover onto the cord.  After the silicone cover is on the cord, then slide the cable grip over the cord.  Once you have those on the cord, you can strip the cord as needed to wire on the socket.  Please refer to the photo below to see a breakout photo of the assembly.

Our silicone sockets are a versatile addition to our DIY offering.  We're really excited to see all the uses our customers come up with, please share photos... you will be rewarded!  

*Please consult an licensed electrician for any specific questions regarding your lighting project.  For liability reasons, we cannot assist in custom DIY projects.

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