How Do I Wire and Install a Single Port Ceiling Pendant?


Wiring and installing a single port ceiling pendant to your junction box is now that much easier after watching this handy-dandy build and installation video! 

You'll need these DIY Lamp parts to assemble your ceiling pendant: 

STEP 1: Cut and strip your cloth covered wire using your Color Cord 3000 or other wire stripping tool.

STEP 2: Slide the top of the cord grip and socket cover onto the cloth covered wire.

STEP 3: Feed the conductor wires through the top of the socket cap and insert the green ground wire into the ground insert on the socket cap.  Tighten the ground set screw.

STEP 4: Loosen the terminal screws on the terminal plate and insert the black positive wire into the gold screw hole and the white negative wire into the silver screw hole.  Tighten down the screws for a secure fit.

STEP 5: Thread the socket body onto the socket cap until it locks.  PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT twist the socket body onto the cap with terminal inside BEFORE wiring!  These are self locking sockets and you will not be able to get it back open after twisting together.

STEP 6: (optional) Slide the socket cover over the socket.

STEP 7: Slide the top of the cord grip to the male portion of the cord grip and thread it on until fully tightened.  You may need a wrench or pliers to get it completely secured.

YOU DID IT!  Now it's time to install your ceiling pendant!

Your single port ceiling pendant can be installed in 5 easy steps: 

STEP 1: TURN OFF Light Switch and Breaker!  The last thing you need is to get zapped by the conductor wires coming from an active junction box. So long as you start with step, this entire process shouldn't cause pain (we hope)!

STEP 2: Attach the canopy mounting plate to your junction box using the provided screws.  

STEP 3: Twist together the corresponding conductor wires from the fixture to the junction box wires.  Black to Black Positive, White to White Negative and Green Ground to Bare Copper Ground.  More often than not, the ground wire in your junction box will be a bare copper.  Secure each of these using wire nuts, then wrap them with electrical tape to prevent them from moving/slipping.

STEP 4: Push all wires up in to junction box and secure your ceiling canopy to the mounting plate with the provided canopy screws.

STEP 5:  This is our favorite step by far! Add light bulbs, flip your breaker and light switch back on, and enjoy!  

You will also need to track down the following tools to complete this installation:

  • Screw Driver
  • Masking Tape
  • Wrench/Pliers 
  • Wire Stripper

It really is that easy! Be sure to tag us in your photos of the new single port ceiling pendant that is lighting up your world!

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