Salvage Series Ep. 1 - Vintage Desk Lamp

Salvage Series Ep.1 - Vintage Desk Lamp

On the first episode of our Salvage Series, we find an old, busted desk lamp and restore it using our own Color Cord parts to give it some new life!

Step 1: Remove Original Wiring

Removing Wiring from Old Desk Lamp

Gut it!  Remove the original wiring parts so you can rewire with Color Cord Company DIY parts at a later stage!

Step 2: Sanding

Sanding Down the Paint from Old Desk Lamp

Sand down the original paint to prep for new primer and paint.

Step 3: Painting 

Painting the Vintage Desk Lamp in Black

Apply a coat of primer and then choose the color of paint that you fancy for your vintage lamp!  We decided on black paint so we could use a pop color for our color cord!

Step 4: Wiring

  • Download Plug Wiring Instructions HERE
  • Download Thumb Switch Wiring Instructions HERE
  • Download Porcelain Socket Wiring Instructions HERE
Components for the Vintage Desk Lamp


Porcelain Socket Wired with Cloth Covered Wire

Lighting Components You'll Need:

1. DIY Cloth Covered Wire

2. Grounded Porcelain Socket

3. Thumb Switch

4. Grounded Plug End

5. Flat Top Metal Socket Cover

6. LED Bulb (multiple options depending on your specific vintage lamp)

Step 5: Bask in the glory of your success!

Vintage Desk Lamp placed on the Ground
Vintage Desk Lamp placed on the Table

Nailed it!  Send us before and after photos of your salvaged projects, we'd love to check it out!

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