Standard Plug-In Pendant Lights in Tweed


Our ever popular and exclusive tweed patterns are now available in our most popular plug-in pendant light. Our four tweed patterns - cool, warm, neutral and grey - work together to provide more color and texture than solid color wire.  If you can't choose between all of our solid cloth covered wire offerings there is no need to settle, our tweed patterns have it all. Each multi-color tweed pattern is made up of 24 different colored threads that are woven together to create this exclusive look.  


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Neutral Tweed

Neutral Tweed

Warm Tweed

Warm Tweed

Gray Tweed

Gray Tweed

Cool Tweed

Cool Tweed


Each tweed pattern features 24 different thread colors.



Mix and match different tweed colors with different shades, cages, and bulbs, for an easy lighting solution.

Fabric Tapered Shade - White / Teal

Fabric Tapered Shade

 White / Teal


Standard Plug-In Pendant Light - Cool Tweed

Standard Plug-In Pendant Light

Cool Tweed

 Light Shades

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Light Bulb Cages

Protect your bulb in style


To add another level of interest to your exposed light bulb pendant light cord set or DIY lighting project, use our industrial light bulb cage. The cage is easily attached around most light sockets and held secure with two screws.


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Add a bulb and plug it in. It's that easy. Just pick from our selection of vintage incandescent or vintage LED.




Try an exposed bulb for a clean, contemporary look 


All of our lightbulbs are a standard e26 medium base, like you know and love.

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Vintage Incandescent Bulbs




Sometimes the hardest thing to do is choosing color. If you're struggling to choose, we suggest getting them all.