Salvage Series Ep. 5 - Vintage Desk Lamp 2.0

On the final episode of our Salvage Series, we’re doing another version of a vintage desk lamp from Episode 1! We had so much fun with this lamp that we thought we’d give it another go. Something we love to do at Color Cord Company is to keep opportunities open! We saw this awesome lamp and realized many possibilities for it. Check out what we did this time!

Lighting Components You'll Need for Your Vintage Desk Lamp:

1. DIY Cloth Covered Wire

2. E12 Basic Candelabra Sockets

3. E12 Candelabra Socket Covers

4. Grounded Plug End

5. Small 2-Hole Cylinder Cluster Body w/ 1-Hole Cap Option

6. LED Bulb (multiple options depending on your specific vintage lamp)

7. On/Off Toggle Switch of your choosing

Salvage Series Ep.5 - Vintage Desk Lamp 2.0

On the final episode of our Salvage Series, we do another version of a vintage desk lamp from Ep. 1!

Step 1: Remove Original Wiring

Remove Original Wiring

Take apart the base to secure the old wiring.

Gut it! Remove the original wiring parts for a clean start. Choose your own DIY parts later on

Hands taking apart electrical parts Removing Old Wiring from a Vintage Lamp Remove Original Wiring Step3

Step 2: Sanding

Sand it down.

We sanded down the original brown paint of our vintage desk lamp and found that we loved how the natural raw finish looked! It gave it a down-to-earth feel that we were stoked about. We also decided that it would pair well with our raw metal parts!

Step 4: Wiring

Before you begin wiring, make sure you’ve done plenty of research on the how-to’s, and the best type of wiring for the lamp.

Sanding Step1 Sanding Step 2 Lamp
Wiring Step1 Man holding white electrical cord and wire cutters Wiring Step3
Wiring Step4 Wiring Step5 Wiring Step6
Metal light fixture with blue-capped wires sticking out Wiring Step8 Hand with screwdriver on white electrical plug
Wiring Step9

Step 5: Final Steps and Finishing Touches

Finishing Touch Step1 Finishing Touch Step2 Finishing Touch Step3
Vintage Desk Lamp 2.0 in Silver Gray

We kept all of the original pieces of the old vintage desk lamp, so we were able to put the bottom plate back on to keep it a cohesive unit. Then we added some rubber pads so it would stand evenly and screwed in our candelabra bulbs. We think it's safe to say that we NAILED IT! Send us before and after photos of your salvaged projects to, we'd love to check it out!

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