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Roundup: 5 Gorgeous DIY Home Bloggers' Lighting Designs

Beau Wynja

At Color Cord Company, we love to see DIY-enthusiasts and crafters everywhere making innovative use of our products. If you want to catch a glimpse of how some of the most popular names in DIY home decor blogging have utilized Color Cord Company products in their creative lighting designs, check out these five gorgeous lighting fabrications from some of our favorite DIY home bloggers!

1) Tripod Floor Lamp by Emma of Hello Beautiful Blog

tripod lamp from emma at hello beautiful DIY home blog

If you’re looking to upcycle some sort of stand or tripod, then DIY home blogger, Emma, has a project that is right up your alley. You can put together nearly any kind of lamp when you have a stand and some basic wiring! With a rustic, farmhouse feel, Emma’s tripod fits in with a number of different decor styles. 

Emma used a wooden telescope tripod that she found at a garage sale along with a lampshade and color cord from our store. She thought that featuring a bright, beautiful cloth cord was much cooler than trying to hide or blend it into the tripod. Her preferred color was red and it looks great with the warm hue of the wood and the sharply contrasting white shade!

2) Living Daylights Project by Zachary McCune on Medium.com

light sculpture by zachary mccune at medium diy blog

Inspired by his friends living across the world, Zachary McCune, a DIY home blogger, decided to create a four-light sculpture in his home that represented the sunrise in four different cities. With friends living in London, Boston, Mexico City, and Los Angeles, the corresponding light for each city flicks on as the light of the sun rises over these locations.

After figuring out the automated technology that would ensure the lights were connected to the sunrise times in each city, Zachary bought 25W exposed filament bulbs and four beautiful cord colors from us to build his sunlight station. Because of the versatility of our products and the modular style of Zachary’s design, he can shorten and lengthen the lights for each city. He can even scale up the sculpture to add more locations. Maybe we’ll see this DIY home decor blog featured at an art installation next!

3) DIY Wooden Bead Pendant Light by Erin Kelly at A New Bloom

beaded pendant light design from erin kelly at a new bloom

Designing for her new baby’s room, featured DIY home blogger, Erin Kelly, created a very whimsical beaded pendant light that fits in perfectly with all the other toys and decor! With some simple wooden beads, ivory cloth covered wire, grounded porcelain socket, gold flat-top metal socket cover, vintage 40 watt light bulb, 2-wire plug, electrical tape, and a drill she added a very creative lighting design that enhanced and elevated the baby’s room.

4) DIY No-Sew Fabric Pleated Pendant Lamp by Corrie Beth Hogg of Apple of my DIY

No Sew Fabric Pleated Pendant Lamp by carrie beth hogg at apple of my diy

Corrie Beth Hogg is a dedicated DIY home blogger that has been creating for years! She hates throwing anything away, so this project utilized all her leftover scraps, odds, and ends from previous projects. Her step-by-step guide shows you how to make a folded lampshade just like hers without any sewing! Grab some leftover fabric and fabric stiffener and follow along with her journey.

To complete her pendant light project, Corrie Beth wired everything herself using our customizable pendant lamp cord and LED light bulbs! 

5) A Unique Light Fixture by Oleander and Palm

unique light fixture from oleander and palm

When you live in an older house with limited lighting options, sometimes you have to get creative and make your own. That’s exactly what the minds behind DIY home decor blog, Oleander and Palm, did! This inspiring DIY home blogger came up with a simple, industrial wall sconce design to help light up his space. By combining some old copper pipe, found redwood pieces, and wood dowling, they now had something to hang their light bulb from. To complete the piece, they used an Edison-style bulb and mint green cord from Color Cord Company for a bit of contrast.


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Whether you’re a DIY home blogger or just a DIYer looking for creative lighting designs, Color Cord Company is here to help! Explore lamp parts for your projects, our gallery for aesthetic inspiration, and our blog for wiring tips and instructions to get your ideas off the ground! Stay tuned for our next roundup of creative projects, too. 


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