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5 Ways to Decorate with Oversized Light Fixtures

Large Modern Light Fixtures

Just like fashion, the trends in interior design change rapidly. However, there are some popular styles that remain timeless while still looking unique and creative. The latest in home decor is the oversized light fixture. From massive pendants to oversized lamps, the bigger the better.

Large modern light fixtures are such a common choice for solo homeowners and commercial designers because they make an instant focal point! In open floor plans, they can break up

a seemingly overwhelming space into smaller chunks, while in places with vaulted ceilings, they help fill up the empty areas. They also offer a captivating sense of whimsy with their unusual size.

Are you considering large fixtures for your space? Learn more about the five ways we recommend you decorate with oversized light fixtures when you explore this blog from Color Cord Company now!

 1. In the Dining Room

The best place to put an oversized light fixture in your dining room is over the dining room table. We love a chandelier that measures the full length of the table. If you have room, you can install a rustic beam woven with bulbs on the end of custom colored cords or you can choose a sleek, modern branch chandelier in a metallic finish that matches your aesthetic.

You might also want to place a large modern light fixture over the dining server or accent cabinet that holds your dinnerware. Complement the chandelier over the dining table when you choose to incorporate pendant lights with oversized shades or cages for extra-large fixtures that won’t overwhelm the space.

 2. In the Kitchen

When you’re working in the kitchen, you usually have recessed or track lighting in the ceiling as well as lights under the cabinets. The one place that you can spruce up the look of the space with an oversized light fixture is above the island or bar. One or two flush-mounted lights with huge cages or shades are a great choice! We love incorporating natural materials into our home decor, so we recommend rattan, palm, or spring shades in unique shapes. The weaving of the material softly diffuses the light throughout the space and creates an instant point of interest in the room.

Remember to choose bulbs that are bright enough for you to use as task lighting while you’re prepping food! You want as much light as possible when you're dicing, chopping, and cutting.

3. In the Entrance

The entrance to your home offers many opportunities to utilize oversized light fixtures. While a chandelier might be too obvious a choice, you might consider oversized wall sconces here instead. If you have a dedicated entrance hall that allows you to welcome guests, you want to make the environment a pleasant space to take off shoes and jackets — and stand around saying goodbye for 20 minutes before anyone actually leaves.

We love the look of branched wall sconces and naked Edison bulbs, but you can also add glass globe shades or geometric metal cages to enhance any fixture and change the way the light fills the space.

4. In the Living Room

Oversized light bulbs in a custom light fixture by Color Cord Company

The living room is another place where a chandelier is not your only choice! A cluster of oversized bulbs and bold colored cords could be the large modern light fixture you’re looking for to complete the space. Your living room is one place where layered lighting is essential. It’s one of the largest areas in your home and often needs different types of lighting to accommodate a number of activities. With ceiling lights, accent lights, and task lighting, the living room may have every type of fixture to make sure it’s well illuminated.

In addition to your statement fixture, which may be an oversized pendant light fixture or a chandelier, we encourage you to get creative with how you style your smaller light fixtures that help illuminate the corners of your space.

5. In the Bedroom

The bedroom is a very private space that not many people see, but it still deserves a design that makes it a comfortable and relaxing place to spend time. A central chandelier is a great choice for an oversized light fixture, but if you have a particularly large master bedroom, you might also consider large wall-sconces or hanging plug-in globe fixtures on dimmers to help with setting the mood.

Enough Planning! Start Shopping!

Are you inspired by all these ideas from the experts at Color Cord Company? It’s time to bring your vision to life when you shop our modular light fixtures and accessories! Customize your own design or buy ready to plug-in pieces now!

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