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Easy Ways to Strip Wires

Color Cord Company believes in providing DIYers with all the tools they need to complete their projects. Review this tutorial for easy ways to strip wires and learn three different ways to cut and strip fabric covered wire. Use these wire stripping techniques to learn how to shorten a lamp cord and connect your new light fixtures.

Wire Stripping Techniques

In this video, the experts at Color Cord Company cover three different wire stripping techniques. The first is using your own tools, which we demonstrate using a Color Cord 3000. Next, we show you a technique that uses a razor blade, and finally, a technique using super glue.

Tools & Supplies

If you’d like to follow along with our tutorial, make sure you have the following tools and supplies:

  • Color Cord 3000 / Your Own Stripping Tool
  • Standard Razor Blade
  • Masking Tape
  • Electrical Tape
  • Superglue

We suggest that you have masking tape on hand to hold the fabric braiding down on the wire as you work. Masking tape is also thin enough to slide through cord grips and lamp fittings. Our team also highly recommends that you always use electrical tape when insulating an electrical connection — like when you may need to secure wire nuts.

Easy Way to Strip Wire with a Tool

  1. Measure 1 1/4” from the tip of the cloth-covered electrical wire and wrap 1” of masking tape over the wire at this point.
  2. Calibrate the Color Cord 3000 to the precise and appropriate depth, so you don’t accidentally nick the conductor wires and hit the internal stranded copper wire.
  3. At the midsection of the tape, use the Color Cord 3000 to strip the PVC housing and expose the three conductor wires (not the internal stranded copper wire).
  4. Next, remove the PVC housing. If it doesn’t come off in one single twist, continue twisting until it’s separated completely.
  5. With the conductor wires fully exposed, use a piece of tape at the base of the wire to prevent the cloth covering from sliding.
  6. Strip the end of each wire using pliers, exposing 3/16” of stranded copper wire underneath.

Easy Way to Strip Wire with a Razor Blade

Many of the steps here are the same as using a wire stripping tool. You should be a little more careful with the razor blade, as it doesn’t provide the same leverage and security as a tool.

  1. Measure 1 1/4” from the tip of the cloth-covered wire and wrap an inch of masking tape over the wire.
  2. Take a razor blade and lightly score around the midsection of the masking tape. Be careful not to go too deep as this may cut the innermost stranded copper wire.
  3. Remove the PVC housing. Twist around a few times to ensure the housing is completely removed.
  4. The conductor wires should be fully exposed (not the stranded copper wires, but the outer conductor wires.)
  5. Take a piece of tape and stick it to the base of the exposed wires to keep the cloth from sliding.
  6. Strip the end of the wires with a pair of pliers to expose just 3/16” of the stranded copper wire underneath.

Easy Way to Strip Wire with Super Glue

  1. Take your super glue and apply about 1/2” all the way around the cloth-covered wire.
  2. Wait for the superglue to dry completely.
  3. Now, use your own wire stripping tool over the midsection of the dried glue.
  4. Rotate several times with the tool in order to strip the PVC housing.
  5. This should expose the outer conductor wires (not the inner stranded copper wires).
  6. Add some super glue onto the base where the exposed wires meet the unstripped PVC.
  7. Strip the end of each wire to expose just 3/16” of the stranded copper wire underneath.

DIY with Color Cord Company

These wire stripping techniques will help you strip wires faster and install lighting fixtures more quickly. Any questions about how to strip wire? Check out the rest of our tutorials or contact us to learn more about easy ways to strip wires, how to shorten a lamp cord, and how to install your new fixtures.

Color Cord Company is an industry-leading lighting design for decorators, retailers, and creative homeowners everywhere. We have everything you need to get started, from the best cloth-covered cord available in 75+ colors to easy-to-install light fixtures, lamp parts, light bulbs, and more.

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