How To Assemble a Fixed Shade Cord Hardware Kit - 1/8 IPS

Brian Obernesser


Ready-Made Kits for Simple Assembly

At Color Cord Company, we’re here to make custom lighting more accessible to every kind of maker out there, whether you’re new to DIY or you’re a ceramicist or glass-blower designing a new lighting line or you want some inspo for your next exciting DIY light fixture. While buying finished pendant lights is one way to decorate your home, we also offer assembly kits, shades, bulbs, and every other component separately so you can assemble a custom piece yourself.

If you already have your cloth covered cord, light bulb, shade, and various swag hooks and aesthetic accessories, all you need to complete your installation is one of our fixed shade cord hardware kits. Check out this tutorial to find out what comes in our kit and how you can use it to install a pendant light on your own!

Table of Contents

  • Hardware Kit Contents
  • Additional Lamp Parts
  • Tools for Installation
  • Prepping the Cord
  • Threading the Shade
  • Prepping for the Socket
  • Installing the Socket

Fixed Shade Hardware Kit Contents

parts in the fixed shade cord hardware kit

Our helpful hardware kit includes a female metal cord grip / strain relief available in 6 gorgeous metal finishes that’s compatible with all our 18g DIY cloth covered wire that we sell by the foot. 

This kit is designed to help secure a 1/8 IPS slip style shade to our cloth covered wire. 

While this tutorial strives to take you from installation start to finish, we recommend that you consult an electrician if you have any questions about your individual project needs.

Hardware Kit Contents:

    PLEASE NOTE: If you choose the Raw Metal Finish, it is intended to oxidize and the material will rust. Most people use this finish to match industrial & up-cycled applications, or clean and sand it to paint in a custom color.

    Additional Lamp Parts for Your Fixture

    Our hardware installation kit for this pendant light only includes the nuts and bolts – literally. To complete this job, you'll also need these DIY Lamp parts to assemble your fixed shade: 


    • Power Cord Whip
    • 1/8 IPS Shade
    • Socket of Your Choice
    • Socket Cover (optional)
    • Color Cord 3000 (optional)

    Tools for Installation

    pendant light tools for installation


    Tools you'll need to complete this project:

    • Wire Stripping Tools
    • Phillips Head Screwdriver
    • Flat Head Screwdriver
    • Needle Nose Pliers
    • Masking Tape

    Installation Instructions

    Watch our video and read the instructions below to learn exactly what you need to do to put all the pieces of this pendant light together. We’ve also included still images of each step to ensure you can see exactly what each step looks like.

    Prepping the Cord

    1. Strip your cord for several inches.
    2. Gather your 1/8 IPS shade and 1/8 IPS small parts.
    3. Feed the female barrel cord grip onto the unstripped cord that is staying OUTSIDE of your shade.
    4. Follow the female barrel cord grip by one knurled nut, the metal washer, and one silicone washer.

    Cord Feed Order

    • Female Barrel Cord Grip
    • Knurled Nut
    • Metal Washer
    • Silicone Washer 

    All four of these 1/8 IPS lamp parts will be assembled on the OUTSIDE TOP of the cord that is feeding into your glass shade. 

    Threading the Shade

    1. Feed the exposed end of your cloth covered wire or power whip through the top of your shade.
    2. Then, slide on another silicone washer and knurled nut on the INSIDE TOP of the shade.

      Prepping for the Socket

      1. Thread the 1" All Thread Nipple into the top of the socket cap.
      2. Slide your socket cover over the nipple and socket.
      3. Thread the knurled nut onto the all thread nipple as tightly as possible to prevent the socket from spinning when twisting in a light bulb.
      4. Then, feed the silicone washer onto the nipple, flush against the knurled nut.
      5. Now, feed the cord back through the top opening of the 1/8 IPS shade so the all thread goes through the top of the shade and the silicone washer is flush against the INSIDE TOP of the shade.

      Installing the Socket

      1. Slide the top silicone washer down over the all thread.
      2. Follow it with the metal washer.
      3. Then, thread on the other knurled nut and your female metal barrel cord grip onto the all thread nipple.
      4. Tighten down the set screw on the cord grip.
      5. Admire your work

      Hang it up & Enjoy!

        As you're working, compare each part of the process to our still photos for best results. We promise, it really is that easy!

        If you have any concerns before you begin this project, our team is always happy to help. Explore our other tutorials, or reach out to us online with any questions about the parts, tools, and accessories you’ll need for your work.

        Be sure to tag us in your photos of your assembled 1/8 IPS Fixed Shade Cord Hardware Kit!

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