Mix and Match

As if choosing between 70 different colors and patterns of fabric wire wasn’t enough, we went ahead and threw a new metal shade and matching canopy option in to the mix. The Color Cord Company Metal Dome Shade is our take on a classic industrial shape. We took this classic fixture and added a healthy dose of color, giving you six colors to choose from- black, white, gray, red, orange and turquoise. With the new shades comes the matching canopy option, allowing you to mix and match your way to the perfect fixture.

Much like our Tapered Metal Shades, the Metal Dome Shades were designed for perfect compatibility with our Standard Cord Set and Standard Socket with ring. This allows you to easily plug and play with a standard cord set and a light bulb, or DIY a fixture of your own creation.


If you are looking to DIY your own Metal Dome Shade fixture your possibilities are nearly limitless. But in the most basic of assemblies requires the following items: Metal Dome Shade, Fabric Wire by the foot, Standard Socket with Ring, Cord Grip and Ceiling Canopy. With these five items you can mix and match colors to your hearts delight, and end up with a completely unique and one of a kind fixture of your own creation.





Weather you fall under the category of those who love to mix or those who love to match, please feel free to share with us photos of your Metal Dome Shade in your space by email, or by using #colorcord and #colorcordathome .