Silicone: Not Just for Boob Jobs

Silicone. This material typically makes one think of beautifully botched plastic surgery in the Hollywood hills, not pendant lighting. We here at Color Cord HQ are looking to change that. Get that image of Bruce Jenner out of your mind, and start thinking of cool and fresh lighting. We are more than happy to announce the expansion of our silicone offerings to include pendant light shade kits. In true Color Cord Company form, we are excited to offer three new shade styles and five colors.  

The Petit Shade Kit: Our interpretation of the traditional Cafe style pendant light. This small shade has the ability to add big style to any space. The silicone material is bright, unbreakable and flexible making it an amazing and unexpected addition to any space. Use as a single pendant or group a couple together to create a fun and unexpected chandelier. The Petite shade kit is offered in black, white, grey and red.



The Dish Shade Kit: Shallow and sleek this cool shade has the ability to create the coolest of ambient lighting in any space. This shade is unlike any other due to its flexibility and fluidity. Use the textural lines of the shade as folding points and completely alter the shape of your shade. Our high quality silicone will always maintain its original shape, so go ahead and switch up your shade shape as often as you would like! The Dish shade kit comes to you in 5 colors, frost, white, grey, black and red.


The Dome Shade Kit: This shade is nearly endless in possible configurations with our expansive selection of DIY bulk cord colors and the various ways you can style this shade. The height of this shade, and the sleek lines allow you to fold and configure the shade to suit your mood. For a more traditional look, keep the shade without any folds. But, when you are ready to spice things up a bit play around with the flexible silicone and add some folds and new shapes to make your lighting fun and exciting. Be sure to experiment with turning your shade inside out! There is no right way to use these shades!


Our exclusive dome shade comes in frost, white, grey, black and red.  Each Silicone Shade Kit includes one silicone shade, one matching silicone socket cover, one 2 conductor threaded ivory socket with ring and one cord grip. The included 2 conductor socket is compatible with any color of our 3 conductor cord if the ground wire is clipped and left unused. You may purchase our ivory grounded threaded socket with ring, as it is compatible with the silicone lampshade kits. If you aren't DIY inclined it is possible to use just the silicone shade (and forgo the use of the socket cover and other kit components) with our standard grounded cord sets.

We are beyond excited about these new shades and hope you are too! As always share your DIY projects with us, we love to be inspired.