12 Projects of Christmas - Project # 2 Custom Cluster Body

Beau Wynja

12 Projects of Christmas - Project #2 Custom Cluster Body

It's hip to be square.  In attempt to make things nice and cozy this winter we wanted to warm up a pendant light with a natural wood twist!  Using our DIY parts, we created a 4-arm pendant and finished it off with a custom cluster body.
DIY Lighting Components You'll Need:
Cloth Covered Electrical Wire
Large 4-Hole Cylinder Cluster Body
1/8 IPS Tubing
1/8 IPS Slip Rings
Tubing Transitions
Basic Black Sockets
Flat Top Socket Covers
6" Stem Cord Grip

Single Port Canopy
Conductor Wire


Step 1: Measuring and Cutting
A man measuring the size of the cluster body
Person cutting wood plank with table saw

Measure and cut the desired size your cluster body.  We decided on a 4" wood box that fits snug over our Large 4-Hole Cylinder Cluster Body.

Step 2: Drilling and Gluing

A man making a hole in the center of the wood square
A man applying the glue on the wood squares to create a project
A man joining the edges of the wood squares with each other
Once you've cut your four 4" wood squares, drill a hole in the center of each square large enough to fit our 1/8 IPS Tubing . From here, line the wood squares up with tape and glue together using wood glue.

Step 3: Sanding and Finishing

Person sanding a piece of wood over a workbench
Custom wood cluster with watco danish oil
Hand holding a square piece of wood
Once the glue has dried, sand down the custom wood cluster and stain it with a finish of your choosing.  We used a Dark Walnut finish that matched well with our Polished Copper DIY Lamp Parts
Step 4: Wiring Socket Arms

Man standing in front of workbench with electrical lamp parts
A man doing the wiring to create a custom cluster body
Before we can incorporate the Custom Cluster Body, we wired up four Sockets Arms using our DIY Lamp Parts.  For a step-by-step tutorial on wiring sockets, check out our video How To Wire Basic Black Sockets.

Step 5: Assembly and Wiring the Cluster Body

A man assembling the cluster body
A man assembling the cluster body
Hands cutting wire over a wood and bronze light fixture

Once you've finished wiring your four pendant arms, place the wood cluster over the Large Cluster Body, feed the tubing through the four holes in the box and into the Large Cluster Body holes and wire the sockets together inside the cluster body.

Step 6 : Final Steps and Installation

Screwdriver with screw-on copper lamp stand

Wooden and copper light fixture with pink electrical cord

A christmas project - Custom Cluster Body

A christmas project - Custom Cluster Body

 Secure your Cloth Covered Electrical Wire to the cluster with a 6" Stem Cord Grip and tightening the set screw on your Single Port Canopy .  Install into your junction box and enjoy!  Send us photos of your DIY Holiday Projects!

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